SuperChannel Main Benefits

Managing and sharing information within a single call in real time to resolve an issue results in considerable savings in time and resources, but also significantly improves customer satisfaction.

First Call Resolution.

Improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Faster Execution of business processes.

Cost savings by streamlining processes.

Reasons to Use SuperChannel

Send and share information during the course of the call without having to install any application on the user Smartphone.

Electronic Payment





Interaction Examples and Use Cases

SuperChannel perfectly fits your business needs

Collection and delivery of documentation

The Agent can seamlessly share documentation with the customer during a session. Thus, being able to visualize the information while the agent explains it, and making it easier to understand. The customer can provide a photo of their ID card to activate a contract during the call. Subsequent emails or SMS reminders and potential loss of information is avoided.

Home Insurance

The customer can send a picture of the incident to the agent who can check whether the incident is covered by the policy and if there is a requirement to send an expert insurance agent.

Sending GPS position when requesting assistance

A customer sends its exact position while talking to the agent to request roadside assistance.

Payment by credit card

The agent is requesting the payment of a debt and offers the customer to pay by credit card through SuperChannel. The customer feels more comfortable not having to give their card number over the phone.


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